The objective in each stage of the game is simply to get the ball from the beginning to the end point as quickly as possible.


Any of these controls can be changed from the options menu in game.

  1. Tilt (Default: Left analog stick)
    Rotates the entire level around the ball, which then allows the ball to fall.
  2. Camera (Default: Right analog stick)
    Rotates the camera around the ball.
  3. Zoom (Default: Bumpers)
    Moves the camera closer to and away from the ball.
  4. Brake (Default: Left trigger)
    Slows the ball down considerably.
  5. Boost (Default: Right Trigger)
    Increases the speed at which you tilt the world.
  6. Jump (Default: A)
    Jumps. Hold to jump higher.
  7. Place checkpoint (Default: X)
    After a short delay, if the ball is moving slow enough, and any checkpoints are available, this places a checkpoint where the ball currently is.