The Music of Momentum: Temporal Analysis

Ladies and Gentlemen–my last blog post was quite lengthy. I hope to keep this one a bit more condensed.

Today, we’ll open with the feeling of the song.

Temporal Analysis was initially written in late winter/early spring. I was a bit nostalgic for the snow when I wrote this, and when I hear it, I feel frost on a window, snow on the grass, and the inevitable change to Spring. The name came, in part, from wildly flipping pages in a dictionary until we found some words we liked.

I’m going to go a little more into depth on the composition of this one, but try to make the post as a whole shorter than the last one, but first, I’m going to introduce you to the instrumentation.


Kick drum–Normally, I like a tight kick drum, but this song called for a big ol’ floppy kick. Normal kicks simply weren’t what I needed, so I mixed it with a dejembe. No eq, just compression.

piano–a bit like the piano in “natural Science,” but more dreamlike. No compression or eq. interestingly, nearly all the piano notes are just 16th notes, with just a bunch of reverb to carry them through.

bass– the bass synth in this song is quite similar to the one in “Natural Science.” Not much else to say.

pad–mix of a square wave and a weird organ pad, with some percussive tines for an attack. Both the organ and the tines have a delay on them.

percussion–The aforementioned kick, a fairly simple snare, some toms, and a high hat.

Air–The other song I used a wind type sound in the background, besides “Natural Science” it is fairly different from the other wind sound, but it was modeled on the other. Reminds me of a snowbank getting swept up by the wind.


Notable things include:

Melody–The melody goes back and forth between the piano and the pad–in some places the piano plays quietly along with the pad for an entirely different sound (0:16 is a good place to hear it).

Metronome bass– The bass in this frequently attacks on the downbeat with the kick, and it makes a metronome, or clock-like feel.

Give it a listen, maybe give it a like, leave a comment, and have a great day!


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