Music Philosophy

Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Isaac, and this is the first of several blog posts in which I’ll be discussing the music in Momentum.

Our music philosophy started simple: make it chill, so that people aren’t likely to rage and break their compy.

This idea, however, needed to be refined. As I began composing, our design quickly evolved into something more. I wanted to let people get lost in the music. I wanted people to be fully immersed into a simple place; a puzzle world in which, to reach your goals, the world bends to your whim–you simply close your eyes, and let yourself fall.

Additionally, I felt that to have anything in particular be a driving force would be a mistake–it would be conflicting with the gameplay. Instead, I felt that the music had to feel as though it was falling–that the force moving the music about was as unyielding and inevitable as gravity.

This feeling, of course, would change from song to song, but the touch of it had to be a familiar one.

So I had to consider a few things.

We began with the space. The space had to be enormous, abstract, and awe inspiring–a kind of foreign space that you can get lost in, but find yourself at peace. A place that you can marvel at the grandeur; where one can see the vastness of the universe, and our own small place inside of it.

Next, I considered the overall tempo. We decided it had to be graceful–I thought of it like a leaf, or a waterfall. It had to take it’s time, be unhurried; neither rushing about nor dragging it’s feet, It needed to get where it was going at precisely the right moment.

Music theory, I decided, was to be entirely ignored. I neither tried to adhere to, nor break any rules. I simply let myself write, and let the notes fall where they would. It would be another day that I decided if the song was bad or good.
And, admittedly, there were a lot of bad songs.

Anyways, now that I’m done being poetic, you all should join me later for some thoughts, oddities, and other commentary, as well as a preview of each of the songs in Momentum.


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